Osric Chau Wrote A Supernatural Fanfic The Night The Bad Thing Happened To Kevin Tran

Trial and Error

Tuesday night was an interesting night for Osric Chau. His character went through something…major (yes, I’m avoiding spoilers. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, you don’t want to know) and his Twitter and Facebook posts were evidence that it meant more to him than he realized. Especially when he saw the fan reaction.

So, what did he do?

He wrote a fanfic of Kevin Tran on his birthday and it involved Sam, Dean, Crowley, radioactive good and ninja like turtle skills.

At a time when a lot of fans were likely feeling a ton of feels, Osric Chau wrote up a fanfic that pretty much makes Kevin something…awesome.

It’s after the break. Cause you know you wanna read it.

Today is Kevin’s Birthday. He didn’t go to Princeton or get a high school diploma. He never made it to senior prom or ever knew the butterflies in your stomach when you see your date in a dress for the first time. And he never got to know his dad, or say goodbye to his mom..

On this 20th birthday, he also didn’t get any power ranger powers. Professor Oak did not call and ask him which starter Pokemon he’d like. Instead Dean brings out an apple pie from the kitchen while Sam hurries to put in a candle and light it before Kevin notices the smell. Together they enter the library and they sing, notes and pitches all over the place, Sam an octave and a half above Dean. They walk and sing and walk and sing, and by the time they get to “Keeeeevinnnn” they trail off.. seeing Kevin’s concerned face over their performance.
Dean puts the pie down beside the tablet.

And then a deep roar in perfect pitch comes out from the basement, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU!”
They all look towards the stairs with the ‘was that Crowley?’ look.
Sam and Dean look at each other.
Dean glances over to Kevin, not quite making eye contact “Right. Happy Birthday Kev.”
Sam does that scrunch face thing with his mouth while nodding his head in agreement.
Kevin looks at both of them and shakes his head with a smile.. then ALL OF A SUDDEN RADIOACTIVE OOZE SPLASHES ALL OVER HIM! Sam and Dean look up, there was an unseen tub of waste above Kevin’s seat in the library. Oh no, Kevin’s mutating. Oh yes, Kevin’s now a turtle. A teenaged turtle at that. As Dean and Sam throw paper towels at him to clean the mess up, Kevin starts to move around like never before! Whoa, no way, he knows ninja techniques! He grabs the pie, spears it into Dean’s mouth. He picks Sam’s phone from his pocket and calls up for pizza delivery. Dean eating away with a mouthful of pie, Sam sticking out his bottom lip and nodding this time, impressed.

Hmm, not sure if the ending fits, but i’ll keep it in there. Happy Birthday Kevin!

Someone even did a doodle for the story on Tumblr. Love. It.

supernatural doodle

(Osric Chau via The Daily Dot)


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