Own Muckle Mannequins Life-Sized Hulk Figure

German statue-makers Muckle Mannequins make some of the most jaw-dropping life-sized figures around. Case in point—this nearly 8-foot tall statue of the Incredible Hulk.

Of course, owning one will set you back a bit—the price after taxes tops out at €2.374,05 or $3256. And that’s before you get involved with shipping. However, they do have an American distributor in Section 9 Entertainment, so we assume it’s possible to get one if you were so inclined.

Section 9 also notes that there is a possibility of variant color versions based on how well this cumbersome statue sells initially. They admit that it’s not going to fit in every room.

Muckle makes life-sized statues, busts and small figures based of a wide range of characters from film and video games, so there’s quite a bit to choose from if the full-scale Hulk doesn’t quite fit your budget.

(Muckle via Marvel)


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