A ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’-Themed Escape Room Sounds Like Fun

Do you think you have what it takes to escape Azkaban? What if I told you that Sirius Black had 12-years, but you’ll only get one hour?

I think your odds are halfway decent since this version of Azkaban is located in the far less impregnable town of Conshohocken, PA. It’s guarded by Project Escape, which is a really bad name for a company that’s running a prison.

The attraction is described thusly:

You have been tricked by a dark wizard and forced to take his spot in the dreaded prison. Your easiest task will be escaping the cell!

Once you’re out, you’ll encounter a magical world of potions, spells and wizardry! Can you figure out the Wizard’s secret before the guards realize you’re gone?!

Interested parties can book a reservation for The Wizard’s Secret on the Project Escape website.

(via ITM)


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