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Rifftrax Is Taking On ‘Game Of Thrones’ In It’s Entirety [Video]

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Leave it to Rifftrax to go all out when they decided to riff on Game of Thrones. They’re going back to the beginning. Back to when Ned was alive, Robert Was alive, all five Direwolves were alive (too soon?) and Bran Stark didn’t need Hodor to, well, you know.

Long before winter was coming, winter was… well, still coming. We’re taking it all the way back to the first episode of Game of Thrones! To a simpler time before [spoiler alert] killed [spoiler alert] and [spoiler alert] betrayed [spoiler alert] and [spoiler alert] severed [spoiler alert]’s [spoiler alert]. A time of direwolves, imps, and gratuitous nudity that would be screen-capped throughout the realm.

The challenge begins: If we riff every episode before George RR finishes the next book, he has to buy us all our own Unsullied! Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the premiere episode of Game of Thrones!

Something tells me they just might beat GRRM when it comes to this. Unsullied for everyone!

The new episode is available for download now. You can check out a teaser below.

Rifftrax: Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1: $2.99

(via Nerdist)


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