Sam Witwer Brings Darth Maul Back In The Clone Wars This Week [Video]

For many Star Wars fans, Darth Maul is best part of The Phantom Menace. He was menacing, powerful, and a formidable foe. Cutting him in half at the end of the movie wasn’t one of the best decisions, which is why George Lucas spearheaded the campaign to bring him back.

The Sith is making his return in Star Wars: The Clone Wars this week. He’s being voiced by Sam Witwer of Being Human fame. This isn’t his first time appearing on the animated series; Witwer voiced the Son in the Mortis trilogy of episodes last season. He also voiced characters in The Force Unleashed. I ran into Witwer in line on opening day of the new Star Tours ride at Disneyland last summer and complimented his work on the show; he mentioned he was doing something “really cool” for The Clone Wars this season. I had no idea it would be Maul.

I’m usually not one for resurrecting characters, but I really like Darth Maul. I’m interested to see how they handle uh, everything from the waist down. I have faith that Dave Filoni and everyone else on the series will come up with something amazing.

If all this talk of Darth Maul and the trailer peaks your interest, I highly recommend going back to season three (season four is currently airing) and watching the Nightsisters trilogy. Maul’s return is hinted at in that three part arc.

Watch the trailer after the break.

(via USA Today)


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