Saying Goodbye To Your Childhood Comics Collection [Video]

If you’ve been collecting comics since you were a kid, then watching this video will strike pretty close to home. Filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski decided it was time to sell his entire childhood comics collection when his parents moved out of the home they’d lived in for 45 years. He boxed it all up and set up a sale on the stoop one afternoon, priced to sell.

I just made a new short movie about me trying to sell ALL of my childhood comics… IN AN EPIC STOOP SALE.

Here are some of the emotional states I went thru while making this movie: nostalgia, liberation, catharsis, melancholy, confusion, elation, regret, enthusiasm, depression, somewhat dazed…

And finally confirmation that at 35 it’s good to get rid of childhood things and not bad to feel a little sad doing it.

You’ll feel a little sad watching this, too.

See the video after the jump…

(via boingboing)


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