Shannara Is Getting a TV Show Of Its Very Own Thanks To Game Of Thrones

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Game of Thrones has been successful. The HBO series has grabbed the attention of fans of the fantasy series as well as people who had never heard of A Song of Ice and Fire. Hollywood is hoping the wave will continue because Variety is reporting that Terry Brooks’ original Sword of Shannara trilogy is slated to be adapted to a television series.

Nothing is set in stone however. Sonar Entertainment and Farah Films have just purchased the rights. They want to start shopping around to U.S. networks soon – after they hire a showrunner and a director. The 25-year-old series is rife with potential. There’s adventure and magic, and the first season would pull from the second book, The Elfstones of Shannara. Dan Farah said:

“Terry has created a rich world of characters and stories that have entertained millions of readers all around the world for a quarter of a century. He has a built-in fanbase that is bigger than those for even the most recent hit book series, like ‘The Hunger Games.’ We’re very excited and proud to have the opportunity to partner with Terry in adapting his great work for the smallscreen.”

I think all of this means that I can keep holding out hope for an eventual adaptation of part of the Wheel of Time series.

(Variety via io9)


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