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Beautiful Illustrations Of The Valar And The Maiar From ‘The Silmarillion’

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If you’re a fan of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, I’m thinking you’ll enjoy these illustrations by DeviantART member wolfanita aka Anita Schmidt-Pabst.

The illustrations feature members of the Valar and the Maiar and she’s even gone so far as to include information on each character she’s included.

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The Silmarillion: The Maiar

The Maiar are less powerful than the Valar, the gods of Middle Earth; some kind of angelic, elemental spirits.
All of them serve their particular Valar.
I didn’t draw the later Blue Wizards or Balrogs, for I had no real picture of them in mind (yet).

Btw: Even non-Silmarillion-readers will discover some people they know in the first and last row.

Short and easy Who is Who:

Eonwe: Manwe’s banner-bearer and herald, one of the chiefs of the Maiar, said to be the best in Arda with weapons.

Ilmare: Varda’s handmaiden, one of the chiefs of the Maiar, her name may mean as much as ‘starlight’.

Mairon: Originally one of the Maiar of Aule, Mairon’s love for crafting and perfection made him the ideal victim for Melkor, for whom he spied some time before he joined him openly and made quite a career under his new name Sauron (“The Abhorred”). After his master was finally kicked into the Void by the other Valar, Sauron took over business very successfully.

Melian: Serving Vana and Este, Melian accidently fell in love with the later great elvenking Thingol and stayed with him in Middle Earth. They had one beautiful daughter named Luthien, who became quite legendary. After Luthien chose mortality and Thingol’s –violent- death, Melian returned to Valinor.

Arien: Serving Vana and Varda, Arien was one of the few Maiar of flame unspoiled by Melkor and chosen to guide the sun. It’s said her eyes were so bright that nobody could look into them.

Tilion: Originally one of Oromes hunters, Tilion loved silver and was chosen to guide the moon. He was a bit reckless, which explains the irregular behavior of the moon. He wanted to be near Arien who guided the sun and tried to catch up with her, but whenever he reached her he got burned so the moon appeared black before the sun.

Osse: One of the Maiar serving Ulmo, Osse loved storms and was quite a wild guy altogether, which explains why he temporally joined Melkor and smashed some coasts and isles for him. Only his wife could calm down Osse – he regretted, was forgiven and served Ulmo again.

Uinen: One of the Maiar of Ulmo, wife of Osse. Uinen loved all plants and animals of the sea. Mariners pray to her for their safety, cause she is the only one who can calm down her wild ship smashing husband.

Salmar: One of the Maiar of Ulmo, Salmar made the Ulumuri for him; the great conches which produce the music of the sea.

Curumo: One of the Maiar of Aule, Curumo was chosen to go to Middle Earth as a messenger of the Valar to fight Sauron. He disobeyed his orders and was banished from Valinor. In Middle Earth, he was known as Saruman the White.

Olorin: A pupil of Nienna, dwelling in the gardens of Irmo, Olorin was said to be the wisest of all Maiar. He could indeed prove that when he was send to Middle Earth with the other Istari to counsel those who opposed Sauron, being called Gandalf the Grey.

Aiwendil: Serving Yavanna, she begged Curumo to take Aiwendil with him to Middle Earth. He became very fond of the local animals and nature, but forgot by and by why he had been originally sent to Middle Earth at all. His name there was Radagast the Brown.

silmarillion maiar valar art

The Silmarillion: The Valar

The whole bunch at a glance: The Valar, the gods of Middle Earth.
For those who don’t want to switch to the single versions for the descriptions, you get them here again:

Melkor: He was the first and most powerful, but grew a bit too individualistic and ambitious; in the end he became the enemy of the other Valar, was named Morgoth (meaning as much as ‘foe of the world’) and can be held more or less responsible for anything bad ever happened to anybody in Middle Earth.

Manwe: Melkor’s brother (in the Valar way of kinship), Lord of the air, winds and birds, king of the Valar. Manwe doesn’t understand the nature of evil, which might explain why Melkor got away with so many things.

Varda: Lady of Light and stars, Manwe’s wife, queen of the Valar, most feared by Melkor (she rebuffed him) and most loved by the elves who call her Elbereth.

Ulmo: Lord of the sea, who had a soft spot for the mortal world and liked to wander there (or swim), in a form that appeared quite fearful to non-godly eyes.

Aule: Lord of crafting and substances, godly smith and creator of the dwarves who call him Mahal. In his creativity he is similar to Melkor, which might explain why he employed two guys who were later known as Sauron and Saruman.

Yavanna: Lady of plants, giver of fruits, wife of Aule. Because she was afraid that the inhabitants of Middle Earth would destroy nature, the Ents were created.

Orome: Huntsman of the Valar, he likes to hunt in the woods on his white steed Nahar and slay monsters on the way; at one of these occasions he discovered the first new born elves. He’s very popular among the people of Rohan.

Nienna: Lady of mercy, grief and mourning, she taught a lot about pity and wisdom to somebody later known as Gandalf.

Mandos: Also known as Namo, ruler of the dead and judge of the Valar, brother of Nienna. He’s said to be quite grim, which might be no big surprise considering he (almost) knew everything yet to come.

Lorien: Also known as Irmo, Lord of visions and dreams, brother of Mandos and Nienna. His beautiful garden was a place to rest and refresh.

Este: Lady of rest, healer of hurts and weariness, wife of Lorien, slept during the days in their garden.

Vaire: The godly weaver; she weaves the story of the world, wife of Mandos.

Vana: Also called the Ever-young, the younger sister of Yavanna and wife of Orome. Flowers sprang and birds sang when she passed.

Tulkas: The champion of the Valar, came to their aid against Melkor. Though he’s the most warlike of the Valar, he likes to laugh and is not easily made angry, but if, he’s also very slow to forgive.

Nessa: Quite a lively young lady, Nessa could outrun a deer and loved to dance. She’s the younger sister of Orome and married Tulkas.

Check out more of wolfanita’s art on her DeviantArt page.

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