Sir Ian McKellen Discusses Whether He Prefers Legolas Or Aragorn And More During a Twitter Q&A

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a week away and to say fans are extremely excited is an understatement. To help with the publicity buzz the official Twitter account for the movie – @TheHobbitMovie – turned the keyboard over to Sir Ian McKellen twice this week so he could answer fan questions. All folks had to do to participate was tag their tweets with #AskGandalf; McKellen answered so many questions that yesterday’s session had to be cut short because they exceeded the maximum number of tweets for the account.

It was fantastic to see him embrace the fans and interact with them in such a way, and his replies were hilarious. He was candid and witty. Plus? It’s funny to picture Gandalf sitting behind a computer answering tweets (though as you can see from the picture above he wasn’t wearing his hat).

This tweet in reply to someone asking whether he prefers Legolas or Aragorn is my favorite:

Check out some more highlights after the break.

He is such a class act.


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