Snowboarding For Padawans At The Burton Star Wars Experience [Video]

When you think about sports, your mind may not make the hyperspeed jump to Star Wars. A place called Yoda’s Riglet Park in Tahoe could change that. Burton Snowboards and Sierra at Tahoe have teamed up to create a Star Wars Experience (yes, they have Lucasfilm’s blessing). The program is aimed towards helping kids ages 3-6 learn how to snowboard. They will be referred to as Padawans by the instructors.

Even if you don’t like to go downhill at fast speeds, it would be worth your time to take a look around if you’re in the area. Chainsaw artist Bob King has created some fantastic Star Wars-themed wood sculptures to go around the park. It definitely looks cool enough to check out when it opens on February 17.

Watch a video to learn more about Hoth the Burton Star Wars Park after the break.

(ESPN and Obvious Winner)


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