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“Soul-Sucking” Wasp Species Named After Harry Potter Dementors


Thanks to public voting conducted by the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, there’s a newly discovered species of cockroach wasp named after the Dementors. The name “Ampulex dementor” was one of four choices that included Ampulex mon, Ampulex bicolor, and Ampulex plagiator.

Researchers said, “The Dementor’s fictional behavior and effects reminded us of the effect of the stinging behavior of Ampulex on the behavior of its cockroach prey.”

Basically, they sting prey into a zombie-like state. Then they lay their eggs inside the prey, which consume it as they mature. It’s kinda like the Dementor’s Kiss, only grosser.

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You can read a paper on the Ampulex dementor at Plos One.

(via BuzzFeed)


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