Space Dogs With Their Heads Out The Window At Warp Speed

warp dogs 6

Dogs sure seem to love sticking their heads out of car windows. Something about fresh air blowing back ears, nostrils, and lips must be immensely satisfying. Now imagine how happy your pup would be if you could go really fast – like, warp speed fast. Illustrator Benjamin Grelle thinks they’d love it. He took photos of dogs and inserted them in space. He told Complex:

As multiple dogs have their hair flying back and lips forced open by the wind, they seem like they are warping through multiple dimensions as streaks and swirls of color are added to the backdrop. Although we may never know, it is possible that the dogs actually do have this kind of experience. As their thoughts, vision, and other senses are stimulated by the speed of a car, they may experience an individual journey through time and space.

Hey, crazier things are possible.

Check out more dogs loving life and space after the break.

warp dogs 1

warp dogs 2

warp dogs 3

warp dogs 4

warp dogs 5

(via Complex)


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