Spider-Man, Buffy, And He-Man Are On Neighborhood Watch In Toronto


We’ve all seen those Neighborhood Watch signs warning any would-be criminals that the neighborhood is looking out for itself, but they’re not really that intimidating. Buffy with a stake in her hand? That will probably make a criminal think twice. Andrew Lamb tells CBC:

I walked by and thought those signs would be much better with a superhero up there. The first one was a splash page — a common thing in comic books, a bunch of superheros popping out at you. Then came Batman and Robin, RoboCop, Beverly Hills Cop, and then it snowballed.

And snowball it did, to include all manner of her0, even Mulder and Scully. He knows that, technically, this is vandalism, but he says he’s okay with whatever fine he might incur.

What I’m doing is technically illegal, but I don’t feel it’s ethically or morally wrong. So there might be a fine some day but I kind of feel like that’s money well spent. I’m not that worried about it.

… I hope it’s just spontaneous nostalgia and happiness, The kind of vandalism you can bring home to mom.

I’m betting Mom would approve.

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(Comic Book Resources via io9)


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