Star Tours Starspeeder Papercrafts [DIY]

The opening date for Star Tours 2.0 is creeping closer.* The Star Wars ride at Disney parks closed last fall for more than just renovations. It’s getting a complete makeover. I’m sure there will be familiar parts, but it will almost be like the Death Star destroyed the first version. I’m excited to see all the new characters, and I can’t wait to visit new worlds. One of the coolest (and genius) aspects of the new ride is that it has variables. You can practically have a new experience every time you ride.

This Disney and Star Wars fan also approves of the Starspeeder upgrade. The Starspeeder is the vehicle in which you travel the galaxy. To generate excitement for the re-opening of Star Tours, Disney Family posted papercrafts of the Starspeeder fleet. Just print them, fold according to the instructions, and you’re ready to adventure into the unknown. I hope you have a solid droid to guide you.

*Visit Star Tours 2 Live for the most up to date information. The site claims they will be on the ground every day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios until the May 20 opening of the revamped ride! Disneyland’s attendees have to wait a little longer; their attraction opens on June 2.


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