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Star Wars Mixed With Fine Art Means Masterpieces

star wars fine art 6

The site Worth 1000 has been the home of countless Photoshop challenges. Basically, you can find anything mixed with anything in their galleries. Though they went through some troubles, they have a new investor on board so all the contests can keep chugging. One such competition has brought us the glorious mix of Star Wars and fine art. Take Darth Vader, put him in an Andy Warhol style painting. Take a chunk of the cast, put them in The Last Supper. You get the idea.

The Photoshop skill level differs from image to image, but all of them are fun to look at. Enjoy more of the mash-ups after the break.

star wars fine art 1

star wars fine art 4

star wars fine art 2

star wars fine art 3

star wars fine art 5

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(via Nerdcore)


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