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Star Wars vs. Doctor Who Geek Turf War Erupts At UK Convention

doctor who via darth vader

We know that geeks can be really passionate about their particular nerdery and we’ve found a perfect example of that mega battle in the war between the Norwich Sci Fi Club and the Norwich Star Wars Club.

It seems Norwich Sci Fi Club treasurer Jim Poole lined up for an autograph from Doctor Who actor Graham Cole, but there was a problem. The convention the Doctor Who actor was signing at was hosted by the Norwich Star Wars Club and they didn’t take too kindly to a rival fan group showing up.

Apparently, words were exchanged. In the word of the Metro writer: “More than a dozen fans from the rival groups – including several in fancy dress – were involved in bitter exchanges outside the venue.”

In other words, geeks in cosplay got into a war of words with other geeks in cosplay over turf.

::grin:: Gotta love it.

On the plus side, no one was hurt, everyone’s fine and will live to fight another day.

(Photo and story via Metro UK)


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