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This 3D Printed Stargate Replica Is Part Of A Museum Exhibit

vigo stargate

When Belgium’s Musée royal de Mariemont decided to create an exhibition called “From Stargate to Comics: Egyptian Gods In Geek Culture”, the very first thing they were going to need was a life-size Stargate portal. Duh.

Since it’s not the sort of thing that’s just lying around, they approached 3D-printing studio Vigo Universal to craft a 20-foot tall replica. When all was said and done, the project took over 1,000 working hours to complete, and involved 3D printing 2,000 separate parts with 10,000 cuttings. Check out the video below to see how it was made.

The exhibition runs through November 20th and it sounds awesome—and not just because of the giant friggin’ Stargate.

The exhibition will propose to address and further develop this inspiration in recent years through film (Stargate, The Mummy Returns, Immortal Ad Vitam, or the highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse) but also through comics and comics (Thor, Batman, Mighty Isis, Wonder Woman, the Avengers, Apocalypse, Shazam, Fantastic 4 …; so many characters of DC Comics franchises, Marvel also Vertigo) or through video games/ board games and role playing games (Age of Mythology, Pathfinder, Deus …).

(Digital Trends via io9)


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