Stormtroopers March In Funeral Procession To Honor Star Wars Super Fan [Video]

stormtrooper funeral

Star Wars fan Gordon Deacon, 58, from Llanedeyrn in Cardiff, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer last month. His wife Marilyn remembers her husband and father of four as “a truly remarkable gentleman” and knew he should be honored in a special way.

The result? A funeral procession with Stormtroopers leading a horse drawn carriage. Mourners were also asked to show respect by donning either Star Wars costumes or red for his fandom of the Liverpool Football Club.

Among the tears and embraces, his friends and family spoke lovingly of his amazing spirit.

His Granddaughter Georgia told Wales Online:

“He was an amazing man who was a big kid at heart. He would always put a smile on your face. These are just some of the things I will miss about the man who has been my hero since I was born.”

A video from the funeral follows after the break…

In an interview with, Marilyn remembers that her husband was “mad on Star Wars” since he saw the first movie in 1977.

“We used to go to shows and he had a signed photograph of bounty hunter Boba Fett on the wall. He had Star Wars lightsabers, figurines, cookie jars, the lot. My husband didn’t want people to wear black, his wish was to have a different funeral. People can either wear Star Wars costumes, but not Darth Vader I think he would be over the moon about the theme of his funeral.”

As his family said goodbye, Stormtroopers lead the way of the horse drawn hearse, which was adorned with a Liverpool flag and Star Wars floral tribute.

His family spoke of Gordon as their “own Peter Pan”—a “boy who never wanted to grow up”.

(Wales Online via Buzzfeed)


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