13-Year Old Walking Dead Fan Creates An Animated Short Starring Daryl Dixon [Video]

Thirteen-year-old Nick Mastrangelo is a fan of The Walking Dead – particularly Daryl Dixon. He’s also an aspiring filmmaker with a focus on animation. So, he decided to take his appreciation for the series to the next level by creating a four minute animation starring Dixon. In his words:

Just for fun over the summer, I decided to make an animation music video inspired by Norman Reedus’ character “Daryl Dixon” of The Walking Dead tv show on AMC. I chose Daryl Dixon because he’s a fan favorite, changed into a positive dude the group can now count on, and i just HAD to do a story about that crossbow of his! So I made the story kinda “Walking Dead” meets “Indiana Jones”.

The short is fun and insanely cool; the fact that a 13-year-old created it just makes it more awesome. Even Robert Kirkman approves.

Watch the short after the break.

(Robot 6 via iGeektrooper)


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