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The 501st Legion Helped Bring The Star Wars Movies To Life At Celebration VI

The 501st Legion never ceases to impress me. When they’re not doing charitable work, they’re doing things like building a life-sized rancor to bring to Celebration VI. In a way, that’s an act for the community, too. Sure, it’s got to be a heck of a thing to respond to someone’s question about what you did over the weekend with: “I built a rancor” but that’s not why they do it. They do it for the fans, and their efforts for the convention made so many people’s experiences more enjoyable.

Though different garrisons had exhibits scattered throughout the hall – including a bacta tank and part of the Millennium Falcon – the mini sets they had on display in the 501st room made me literally flail and bounce up and down like a little kid. I didn’t know what to look at first. They had the Emperor’s throne, and they had a steady rotation of Emperors and Stormtroopers in place to be in the photograph. They had the trash compactor complete with the dianoga and foam bits so you could dive in and pose (that was my favorite). Then there was Han Solo in Carbonite at Jabba’s Palace. And I can’t forget the scene on Tatooine with a giant dewback.

I couldn’t believe how many iconic scenes from the saga were captured in just that one room.

The best part though was that every single member of the 501st that I encountered went out of his or her way to make my experience awesome. They asked to take and hold my heavy bags while a friend took my picture with something. If I was alone, they took the photo themselves. They encouraged me to get closer so I could take a better look at the props and details. They gave me suggestions for photo poses (which is something I desperately need), and darnit, they couldn’t have been any nicer. I’d like to give a huge thanks to all of them for making my time at Celebration VI that much more awesome.

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