The Daily Life Of Darth Vader In Pictures

daily darth

Photographer Pawel Kadysz is in the midst of a humorous photography project focused on the daily life of Darth Vader. He notes:

This is an ongoing project, updated with one new photo every day. I plan to continue until the Episode VII premiere. And if I get really hooked up, for a whole year. That would be a hell of achievement.

As for the gear, I’m using a mirrorless Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark I with few M.Zuiko lenses and a cheap, amateur strobe. I’m not a professional photographer. Just an amateur with a will to learn and improve. The photos below are all selfies.

daily vader 2

daily vader 3

daily vader 4

daily vader 5

daily vader 6

daily vader 7

daily vader 8

daily vader

daily vader 1

You can see even more of this project on his website.

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