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The Doctor Gets Different Clothes, A Sonic And A New Villain For Season 8 [Video]

capaldi filming season 8

Spoilers ahead.

Thanks to YouTuber Ryan Farrell we have some cool new behind the scenes footage from Season 8 of Doctor Who which include a look at the sonic he’s using and a new villain from the 3rd episode of the new season titled “Robots of Sherwood”.

First off, let me say Peter Capaldi looks kind of handsome in orange. Which is, in itself, amazing. I mean, it’s hard to look good in orange.

We have more thoughts and pictures as well as video of Peter Capaldi shooting on Bute Street after the break.

capaldi filming season 8 sonic

It looks like he’s using Eleven’s sonic, but he doesn’t seem to have the same penchant for flipping it open as Matt Smith did. (which I’m sure makes propmaker Nick Robatto breathe a small sigh of relief.

capaldi filming season 8 robot

The show seems to be keeping up with their tradition of creepy robot villains. I can’t tell if it’s wearing the coat for the show or they’re just trying to keep it warm. Guess we’ll have to watch the show and see.

(Doctor Who TV via Blastr)


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