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The Firefly Episode That Was Never Filmed: Nathan Fillion Talks Dog Pheromones

Alan Tudyk might be insane. That much was revealed when Entertainment Weekly sat down with Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite and Sean Maher to discuss what the future of Firefly would have been like had they been able to write their own episodes. Nathan Fillion recounts one such idea from Tudyk:

Alan Tudyk definitely pitched the most episodes. He had a great one where there were some criminals who engage in illegal dogfights, and there was a planet where one side of the planet was perpetual night. They had these big, feral dogs there that were so mean and awful, and we had to go out and trap them.

We had this dog pheremone of some kind, and Jayne was messing around, and splat!, the thing bursts and we’re all covered in this pheremone. So we have to run back to the ship with these feral dogs chasing us, and we get the dogs back to the hold of the ship, and we’re safe. But in the journey back to get them back to the criminals, River comes in, communes with the dogs, and domesticates them. So now they’re the same dogs, just nice.

Jewel Staite added: “This is the stuff that Alan thinks about, dog fights, mustaches, and tattoos. He’s a strange man.”

Yes, quite. Maybe having only 14 episodes was a good thing eh?

On that note, you’ll definitely want to tune in to the Science Channel tonight at 10pm for the Firefly: Browncoats Unite 10th anniversary special for more revelations about the show.

(via Entertainment Weekly)


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