The Mystery of The Indiana Jones Package Has Been Solved

In case you hadn’t heard, the University of Chicago Admissions Office received a bizarre package at the end of last week; it was addressed to Indiana Jones and contained a replica of Abner Ravenwood’s journal. They had no idea who sent it or why, and theories ranged from a student application to a personal gift that got mixed up in interdepartmental mail to the beginning of a sneaky marketing campaign for the next Indiana Jones film.

Alas, it was none of the above. It was simply a case of incorrectly routed mail.

eBay seller Paul Charfauros makes prop replicas of the journal from the movie and ships them all over the world from his home in Guam. He recently sent out a journal to Italy, but it never arrived. He was informed via a letter from the USPS that the package had been re-directed. It somehow fell out of its outer envelope in Hawaii and when the USPS saw the address for the University of Chicago, they fixed the zip code and sent it on its merry way. Given that the stamps on the inner package were fake, I’m surprised it got all the way through the system.

Charfauros donated the journal to university, and I can only hope it ends up in a display case with the accompanying story of how they received it.

(via Red Eye Chicago)


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