The Phonetic Alphabet Is Cooler With Superhero Names


American Airlines just got cooler. On a recent flight landing in Boston, Lawrence Wright encountered a flight attendant who used a memorable phonetic alphabet. He announced to the plane they would be arriving at gate B 11, as in Batman 11. Their luggage would be at carousel C, as in Captain America. I like this better than Bravo and Charlie.

The attendant, Mr. Owens, shared his entire code with Wright and I can only hope that more people adopt it. Check it out after the break.

A: Aquaman
B: Batman
C: Captain America
D: Daredevil
E: Elastigirl
F: Flash
G: Green Lantern
H: Hercules
I: Isis
J: Joker
K: Kryptonite
L: Lex Luthor
M: Martian Manhunter
N: Nightcrawler
O: Optimus Prime
P: Penguin
Q: Quicksilver
R: Robin
S: Superman
T: Thor
U: Underdog
V: Victor von Doom
W: Wonder Woman
X: Xena
Y: Yellow Canary
Z: Zeus

(The New Yorker via Twitter)

Top image by Wee Little Stitches.


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