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The Real Life Books Hogwarts Students Would Read

Harry Potter reading list

The Hogwarts houses are split by personality; the Sorting Hat sorts students depending on their strongest qualities. The most clever go to Ravenclaw, the most brave go to Gryffindor, the most conniving go to Slytherin, and the most something go to Hufflepuff. It results in strongly united houses because everyone has the basics in common.

Jesse Galef of Measure of Doubt got to thinking – what sort of books would rationalists from each house read? They’d focus on different themes to fit the traits of their houses. So, he did what any awesome fan would do and figured out a reading list for each house. Then he went a step further and photographed physical volumes of the book on a shelf. You can choose a house or just go through the lists and see which ones you’ve read and sort yourself.

Check out the bookshelves after the break (click to enlarge).





(Measure of Doubt via io9)


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