The TARDIS That Sparked An HOA Letter Becomes The Center Of A Neighborhood Party

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We have a fun update on our story about LeAnn Moder and the TARDIS that earned her a letter from her Homeowners Association.

After receiving the letter, LeAnn decided that, instead of putting her TARDIS away, she’d host a Doctor Who viewing party instead.

We also have a little bit more info on LeAnn’s HOA and the overall reaction to the letter she received. While some people on the internet got a bit outraged (outraged on the internet? NEVER!), LeAnn herself isn’t upset at all. In fact, she loves her neighborhood. She’s taken all of this in stride and with good humor.

All in all, I’d say things worked out pretty well and, as it turns out, Pinellas County, FL has some pretty devoted Who fans.

You can see her comments and pictures from the event after the break.

tardis viewing party

tardis viewing party 2

So, finally a response to this mad love!

First, let me say that this TARDIS was built by my father in 2012 for my husband and I to get married in front of in lieu of a traditional ‘altar’…then again, NOTHING was traditional about our wedding! 😉 Hello, Doctor Who themed cosplay wedding at a British pub in a mall!! It has been amazing gift and provided many wonderful memories both at and after the wedding. We have loaned it to a church and 2 different libraries to use for various functions so it’s like a gift that keeps giving! 🙂

Secondly, we in no way, shape or form are upset by this nor did it come as any surprise! It simply just amused me as in “Wow! What a nerd problem to have!” and a “Only us!” kind of way! I, like many of you, never imagined myself in an HOA neighborhood (I’m obviously quirky and don’t really fit that typical mold) but this is where life has led us and honestly, it’s been really great! We have landed in quite a cool neighborhood! We have neighborhood parties, we celebrate Halloween like nobody’s business with multiple haunted houses throughout (including our own Doctor Who themed Haunted House this year). Our HOA even organized food trucks to come in once a week over spring and summer months – we live in an area with little to no dining out options so this was a huge deal and super awesome! When my son wanted to do a lemonade and cupcake stand, my neighbors were out in full force buying enough cupcakes, cookies and lemonade week after week to fund that young man’s dream of getting an Xbox One! We actually had the TARDIS in the back yard for almost a year with no complaints, as well and only moved it to the driveway as part of the haunted house experience and intended on adding it to our Christmas display but life got in the way!
Third, we love how all of you have made this go viral and shown how much love that we all share for this amazing show that had touched so many people of the course of it’s 50+ years! So, in honor of all of you, we give you this….

Please as you consider coming, remember that we love this neighborhood and want nothing more than to have a super nerdy, family friendly, timey-whimey time! Show our neighbors how awesome Whovians are and let your nerd flags fly high!!


Photos via Greg Gatorville.

(via Nerd Bastards)


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