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The US Government Officially Acknowledges The Existence Of Area 51


If you’re interested in aliens or conspiracy theories, then this is a good day for you. The US government recently declassified a CIA report called “The Secret History of the U-2” and, within the pages of the report, are several references to Area 51.

So, in essence, after decades of denials and leaks, the government has finally confirmed the existence of Area 51.

Per the report:

On 12 April 1955, Richard Bissell and Col. Osmund Ritland (the senior Air Force officer on the project staff) flew over Nevada with Kelly Johnson on a small Beechcraft plane piloted by Lockheed’s chief test pilot, Tony LeVier. They spotted what appeared to be an airstrip by a salt flat known as Groom Lake, near the northeast corner of the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) Nevada Proving Ground.

They decided to use that landing strip for covert flying tests and the UFO theories were born. However, they went with a more feel good name:

The outlines of Area 51 are shown on current unclassified maps as a small rectangular area adjoining the northeast corner of the much larger Nevada Test Site. To make the new facility in the middle of nowhere sound more attractive to his workers, Kelly Johnson called it the Paradise Ranch, which was soon shortened to the Ranch.

Granted, nothing in the report talks about little green men and there are redacted section, but we wouldn’t want to rob people of their alien theories anyway. Not to mention, it means that more documentation is likely to follow and who knows what treasures those might hold.

Besides, I’m really hoping an alien like Paul shows up in my life one day.

(The Atlantic Wire via Gizmodo)


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