Theory That Every Pixar Character Lives In The Same Universe Will Blow Your Mind


What if all the Pixar movies took place in the same universe? On the surface, it doesn’t seem to make any sense. They’re all in such different locations and there are talking fish and cars and futuristic robots and living toys and magic. It’s a lot of puzzle pieces to squish together into a tidy theory. However, writer Jon Negroni has done it. He’s built “The Pixar Theory,” and his musings cover every Pixar film since Toy Story.

Whether you end up agreeing with him or not, just the possibilities and points he brings up will blow your mind.

It all begins with Brave. The setting during the Dark Ages represents the earliest time period Pixar has explored, and Merida comes across magic that turns her mother into a talking bear. The key word there is magic. Negroni goes forward through time and looks at the place of each movie within the universe and whether humans are present, etc. He dives deep and builds a somewhat convincing case. There’s enough solid points that you just have to wonder.

Check out the theory on Jon Negroni’s website and let us know whether you think it’s possible all the Pixar films are connected.

(via Mashable)


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