These Guinea Pigs Are Huge Star Wars Fans

guinea pig star wars 1

Guinea pigs are cute and fluffy and go really well with Star Wars action figures. WeLoveFine artist Timothy Lim (a.k.a. NinjaInk) has created a ton of awesome t-shirt designs, and as we recently learned on WeLoveFine’s blog, he puts his furry pals on Tatooine, Hoth, in Jabba’s Palace, and even inside R2-D2. I admit I don’t know much about guinea pigs, but I’m impressed by any animal that can sit still long enough to be photographed and not eat the toys. Maybe I need to trade in my cats…

Check out more of the pics after the break.

guinea pig star wars 2

guinea pig star wars 3

guinea pig star wars 6

Bonus: Timothy’s bunny dressed as Wicket:

guinea pig star wars 4

(via WeLoveFine)


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