This Batman Fan Film Featuring The Riddler Is Pretty Fantastic [Video]

Set after The Dark Knight, fan film Batman: Puppet Master features Edward Nigma (The Riddler) as an FBI agent trying to track down Batman. It takes place in Gotham City and features the locations you know like Arkham Asylum and characters such as Scarface—but despite having “Batman” in the title, the hero only makes brief appearances. That’s not a bad thing though.

The short really centers on Nigma and the bad guys he recruits. It’s dark and gritty and incredibly well done. The actor playing Nigma does an amazing job, the sets are spot on, and even the fighting is solid. No cheesy choreography here! Fan films like this are helping to get rid of the negative connotations usually associated with the genre.

Watch the short after the break.

( via Blastr)


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