This Comic Imagines Loki And Tom Hiddleston As Roommates

loki loon 1

Tom Hiddleston and Loki go together like Robert Downey, Jr. and Tony Stark. They often seem like the same person. Well, except that Hidddleston isn’t evil. Still, what if Loki put an ad on Craigslist for a roommate and Tom Hiddleston answered? Magic would happen. Pure, hilarious magic. Tumblr Loki and the Loon creates comics portraying just that situation and it’s rather adorable. You can make it more fun by reading the comics in Hiddleston’s voice.

The strip featured above shows how Tom Hiddleston’s appearance as Loki at Comic-Con came together. It’s the most meta of meta, and I love it.

See the rest of the comic as well as one more example after the break.

loki loon 2

loki loon 3

The first comic:
loki loon 4

loki loon 5

loki loon 6

loki loon 7

loki loon 8

loki loon 9

loki loon 10

(via Tor)


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