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This Fan Theory Explains How “Frozen” Is Actually Disney’s Take On “The Shining”

Elsa and Jack

You know we like our crazy movie theories around here and this side by side comparison of Disney’s Frozen and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining by blogger Mary Katherine Ham makes some pretty interesting points.

In her scenario, Frozen characters and locations coincide with characters and locations in The Shining both in temperament and design.

Head after the break to get the basics on the theory.

Ham starts with Elsa and Jack. “The menacing main character is a danger to family members, whose volatility increases after a long isolation inside a giant, ornate, high-ceilinged building in a cold, desolate landscape”

elsa jack 2

So, Overlook Hotel = Ice Castle. Check.

Anna is Danny Torrance. “An innocent protagonist, touched by the supernatural…forced to play childlike games alone in incongruously cavernous hallways.”

danny and anna

Yuuup. That’s two.

Olaf is Wendy. There’s more than the gif comparison, but the picture does it for me.

olaf & wendy

Ham also goes on to assert that Kristoff is Hallorann, Hans is Grady, and that the endings are very similar.

All in all, it’s an interesting read and you can check it out in full here.

Images via Disney and Mary Katherine Ham.

(via Buzzfeed)


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