This Hunger Games Summer Camp Will Teach Your Child How To Fight To The Death

camp hunger games

There’s a camp in Largo, Florida that did a Hunger Games week. Now, before you get too excited, they didn’t let anyone kill anyone else.

They did it sort of like a flag football thing where the kids collected flags as “lives” and no one actually had to sit out once their flags were taken because they could collect more.

Waitaminnit. It’s a ZOMBIE Hunger Games camp!

But, back to the story, some people were shocked at this idea, even the counselor who put it together. It seems the kids were having conversation about whether they would kill their friends or not. Me, I like looking at the bright side of what she tried to do. She focused on trust and working together and she found a way to do something that the kids could relate to. That’s not always easy.

Check out a video after the break.

I have one small complaint. This is the stuff they had in their Cornucopia.


That is some serious swag for a camp. My old camp would have forced me to make my poncho out of macaroni!

(Tampa Bay Times via Hypervocal)


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