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This Infographic Tracks All Of Sterling Archer’s Sexual Encounters


Somewhere after Season 2, I just gave up trying to keep track of Archer’s love life. Seriously, this super hot cartoon spy guy has more moves than David Tennant at a Whovian panel.

Fortunately, “Archer Net” can help. It’s an animated visualization of his complete hook-up history, including that one time that thing happened with the vacuum cleaner.

Creator and urban planning PhD candidate at MIT, David Lee, explained the process to Gizmodo:

“I generated a list of links between characters manually, by re-watching each episode and noting relationships in a Google Spreadsheet; a Google Apps script converts the sheet into JSON on request. I used d3plus to easily draw and style the network as a “rings” visualization, with some added code to the tooltips to show the full list of links to a chosen character, with type and episode number.”

Hook-ups aside, this type of model has real world applications in the growing field of network analysis. Visualization programs like this can be used to track the spread of social media information, pathogens leading to epidemics, or even brain synapse connections in neuroscience.

For now though—fictional spy sex.

Try it for yourself over at Archer Net. Lee promises to continue watching Archer and updating the model.

(via Gizmodo)


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