This Just In: Catwoman’s a Contortionist

DC Comics just released covers for its September releases, and the image for Catwoman #0 has the internet buzzing. I can’t imagine why.

Besides the fact that yet again, Selina Kyle is diminished to nothing but boobs and butt, it’s not even a physically possible pose. I can’t imagine how one would twist herself into that shape unless several bones and key anatomical parts like I don’t know, a spine, are missing. I can’t focus on figuring that out though because Catwoman’s bubble boobs and rear keep distracting me anyways. It’s so unnatural; I can’t even wrap my head around it.

I’m not alone in my sentiments. Guillem March’s cover has attracted attention far and wide. Many people are speechless. I mean… what can you say to that image? My favorite reaction to it though are the artists who are making fun of it by drawing their own versions of the impossible pose. They’ve tried to break it down to see what it would look like in profile, how the body would actually have to be shaped to get in that pose – these experiments all point to the same truth: there’s no way a human could twist and turn like that while managing to expose her uh, assets.

See the hilarious counter-images after the break.

By Kate Beaton:

By Meredith Gran:

By John Troutman:

(via Comics Beat)


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