This Legend Of Zelda Tarot Deck Might Tell Your Future

zelda tarot main

This Legend Of Zelda Tarot Deck by Pixel Perks is a beautiful example of what happens when one geekdom meets another and a new thing of beauty is born.

Whether you read Tarot or you just like unique decks, this is definitely a cool set of Major Arcana, and Pixel Perks says she’s working on a Minor Arcana as well and will have full 78-card decks available sometime in May.

You can see more of the Legend Of Zelda Major Arcana after the break.

zelda tarot major arcana

zelda tarot closeup empress

zelda tarot closeup moon

zelda tarot closeup

The deck is currently sold out, but she does take custom orders. Head on over to the product page for more details.

(via Geekologie)


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