This Talking Bird Pretends To Be A Time Lord While David Tennant Narrates [Video]

david tennant bird

David Tennant is narrating a new BBC One series titled Pets – Wild at Heart. The documentary shows the “wild side” of pets and looks at everything from dogs, to hamsters, to talking birds. One preview for the show stars a clever talking budgie named Disco; he knows several choice phrases including “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” Also, Disco is a Time Lord. He even notes that his cage is bigger on the inside. I hope the owners taught Disco that line specifically because the Tenth Doctor is narrating the episode.

The show premieres on BBC One on January 21st.

Watch the budgie video and more Tennant-narrated previews of Pets – Wild at Heart after the break (the hamster one is especially amusing)…

(TMS via GAS)


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