Turn Your ID Into A MultiPass

multi pass

If there’s one thing everyone remembers from The Fifth Element, it’s the MultiPass. Milla Jovavich holds up her MultiPass and offers it to the ticket agent and says “MultiPass” over and over, searing it into your memory.

Now, thanks to 3D printing and the dedication of a fan by the name of Tim Nelson at Reaction Designs, you can flash your own MultiPass. If every Leeloo cosplayer on the planet doesn’t get in on this, I’ll be amazed.

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They are available in regular and Ruby Rhod styles. Ruby’s is totally green! Super green! (but not really green).

As a quick FYI – Nelson says he’s a bit behind due to demand, but you craft types can also pick up his MultiPass kit if you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself.

Product Pages: MultiPass $60 / MultiPass Build Kit #40

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