Finn’s Face Helps Kids Communicate How Much Pain They’re In

adventure time pain

Call me Captain Obvious for this statement but being in pain is not fun. Sometimes the worst part about it can be trying to communicate how crappy you feel to others – especially if you’re a kid. To help with the problem, the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale was developed in the 1980s as a device to enable children to show their doctors how much pain they were in. Nursing student Janell uses the scale but suggested that kids might respond better to the scale if it featured a familiar face – specifically Finn from Adventure Time. I think she has the right idea..

A designer from the series, Matt Forsythe, drew the Finn scale and included every face from no pain to worst pain possible. I bet it brightens kids’ days even though they’re not feeling well.

(Pendleton Ward via LS)


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