Use This Insane Interactive Timeline To Follow All The Doctors’ Travels

doctor who timelines

The Tenth Doctor wasn’t kidding when he said time travel is wibbly wobbly. That’s how my brain feels if I try to overthink the timeline of the Doctor – just one of them. Now imagine keeping track of all 11 doctors adventures through time. Exactly. It’s impossible for me to wrap my head around. Luckily, BBC has put together an awesome interactive map to let you see when they have gone on their adventures.

You can choose the Doctor you want to see, and the map will display their travels along with the episode tied to it. Selecting all 11 is fun just to see all the colors but if you want to hone in on details, choose one or two Doctors. Besides boggling your mind with all the paths, the infographic has some fun facts such as the total years traveled, the longest journey, etc.

Check out the map at BBC Future.

(via LS)


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