Vampire And Werewolf Repelling Soaps Made With Holy Water, Silver And Garlic

Pojo’s Pure Vermont is selling a line of soaps that are guaranteed to protect you from vampires and werewolves thanks to formulas that include Holy Water, silver and garlic.

PoJo’s Pure Vermont Silver & Holy Water Werewolf Repelling Soap contains colloidal silver, Holy Water, and essential oil of rosemary, a combination that is believed to repel werewolves and many other shape-shifting entities. Like all PoJo’s Pure Vermont products, this luxurious soap also contains pure Vermont honey and creamy goat milk to keep your skin clean and healthy while thwarting the forces of evil!

PoJo’s Pure Vermont Garlic & Holy Water Vampire Repelling Soap contains the same honey and goat milk ingredients as the traditional fragrances, but is specially formulated to repel even the most aggressive vampires. A potent blend of garlic oil and Holy Water allows you to simply wash away the danger of vampire attacks.

Plus it leaves that garlic-fresh scent everyone loves.

Pojo Vampire and Werewolf Soaps ($10)

(via Geekologie)

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