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Waste Some Wibbly Wobbly Time With This Hilarious “Doctor Who” Plot Generator


Did you feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by what happened this season on Doctor Who? Take comfort in the fact that the season was weird enough that there’s a random plot generator that spits out potential episode plots that make no sense, yet make perfect sense at the same time. The season was just that clear, or convoluted, depending on your point of view. Here’s the plot I got on my first try.

The Doctor promises to take Clara to The Ood-Sphere, but the TARDIS team are immediately surrounded by aliens with guns. Isolated from the Doctor, Clara goes on to uncover the secret of the last Rasillon’s son. A large spaceship appears in the sky and unexpectedly saves the day. Richard Branson has a cameo part.

Warning: You will waste an incredible amount of time playing with this thing.

(via io9)


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