Watch A Creepy Ad For The Attack On Titan Attraction Coming To Universal Japan [Video]

attack on titan real ad

If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, you’re probably feeling pretty excited about the themed attraction called “Attack on Titan The Real” that’s heading to Universal Studios Japan. The experience is part of the Universal Cool Japan event that’s running from January 23rd to May 10th and will be featured alongside franchises Resident Evil, Evangelion, and Monster Hunter.

Getting back to the Attack on Titan attraction, Universal Japan shared a new teaser  a few days ago and it looks creepy. It will be a re-creation of Hajime Isayama’s world and will have a 49 foot Eren Titan and a 46 foot female Titan. Visitors will watch them fight as if they are Survey Corps Members. Anime News Network reports:

The attraction will also let you experience the traumatic scene with Eren’s mother in the first episode. For its reenactment of the operation to capture the female Titan, the attraction uses Clone-oid, “the world’s most advanced technique to recreate humans.”

And because a theme park experience wouldn’t be complete without food, you’ll be able to to order Survey Corps’ expedition rations. You can even get Titan mousse that comes with a blade. Because of course.

Watch the scary teaser and see some of the Attack on Titan themed snacks after the break.



(via CBR)


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