Web Series “Grayson: Earth One” Is a Whole New Twist On Nightwing [Video]

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Every now and then a web series comes along and it’s got an interesting story, great characters and a professional production quality that makes you want to see more. Grayson: Earth One is one of those series and it’s currently looking to fund an indiegogo campaign to film the remaining episodes.

The premiere episode is already online with a total of six planned to tell the story of Nightwing, but not the one you already know. In this timeline, Richard Grayson never meets Bruce Wayne which sets him on a whole new path to becoming a hero. It also alters the timeline of characters like Batman, Batgirl and the assorted villains they face.

See the series premiere and the indiegogo video after the break…

Thanks to the folks at P3 for the tip!


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