What If a Science And Sci-Fi Themed Strip Club Was An Actual Thing?


The wild party convention known as Dragon Con happens later this week in Atlanta. Though cosplayers go to every convention, they seem to roll into this one in droves. Parody news site The Atlanta Banana has noted this and posted about a a new fantasy and science-themed strip club opening just in time for the convention. They tease it would be called Jabbu’s Hut and feature ladies in “Slave Layla” costumes and offer lap dances from a sexy Marie Curie.

Sure, this is a joke but could you imagine a strip club themed to look like Jabba’s Palace? It would have to be vague so they wouldn’t get in trouble, but that would be enough to get me into a strip club. Or if that’s too much, how about a science-themed burlesque show? You could cover Marie Curie in glow-in-the-dark paint and include an electrifying Thomas Edison. And Dragon Con would be the absolute perfect place to showcase it. Just a thought.

(via Atlanta Banana)


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