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Which Is The Fastest Ship In Science Fiction?

fastest ship

The science fiction genre is littered with beloved spaceships. The Millennium Falcon, the Enterprise, the TARDIS, and the list goes on. Everybody has a favorite, and that means there are always friendly arguments about which ship would win in a race. Sometimes the discussions get heated.

Chris Kirk decided to pit popular ships against each other in a spaceoff. He points out that there isn’t a set system of speed so it’s hard to measure ships against each other. He still tries to do it. He breaks down the characters of each vessel and the facts we know. For example, how long did it take characters to get from point A to point B in the ship?

Using this method, the TARDIS seems to be the fastest way to travel. See for yourself though! Read more at the below link and play with the spiffy interactive chart.

(via Slate)


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