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Will We Go Back To The Future With This Official Lego Set Sometime Soon?

If they did it for Harry Potter then they have to do it for Marty McFly. Check out this Back to the Future themed Lego set that you may soon be able to buy. It includes pieces for three different DeLoreans, three Martys and three Docs so you can model them after whichever film in the trilogy is your favorite. This was created as a part of Lego Cuusoo, which encourages fans to design and submit ideas and, if they get 10,000 votes, their project is seriously evaluated for production (a Minecraft version recently passed muster). The Back to the Future set has the votes, now we just have to hope that the good folks at Lego decide they can make it for all of us.

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(Lego Cuusoo  via Gizmodo)


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