Workouts Inspired By All Of Your Favorite Fandoms

batman work out

I’d like to call Neila Rey a fitness guru or something encapsulating, but she eschews any kind of label on her site and the closest thing I could find was “Accessible Fitness & Active Lifestyle” on her twitter.

Whatever you call her, I call her a genius when it comes to making workouts geeky and easy to understand thanks to her poster series.

You can see more of her posters after the break.


hulk work out

jedi work out

matrix work out

worlverine work out

avengers work out

terminator work out

From The Avengers to Game Of Thrones, she’s designed themed workout posters for just about everything. She also offers nutritional advice and some great recipes. I’d definitely suggest stopping by her site and checking out more.

(via Incredible Things)


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