Yes, You Too Can Rent a DeLorean Time Machine


Hold onto your hoverboard, kids – you can actually rent a functioning DeLorean. And by that I mean you can drive it, not that it travels through time. The genius Time Machine Rental company has the memorable car from Back to the Future in prime condition and ready to hit the road. The DeLorean is a fine addition to any event from weddings to premieres. It’s the kind of car that makes people stop and look twice.

The company is based out of Minneapolis in the summer, and Las Vegas in the winter but they’re willing to take the car most anywhere in the lower 48 and Canada. The rate is $1,500 per day plus transportation costs. I’m hoping the company will one day expand their business by acquiring a TARDIS.

Check out a video showing off the sweet ride after the break.

(Time Machine Rental via LS)


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